Precautions for maintenance of rheumatic bone disease

2022-01-11 By cnherb666 0

Patients with rheumatic bone disease should pay attention to the care and maintenance in winter! Adapt to the changes in solar terms! Here are some precautions for rheumatic bone disease!

In winter, patients with rheumatic bone disease should be careful not to be stimulated, not to be exposed to cold, rain, or moisture. In winter, they should pay special attention to keeping the joints warm, and wear whatever they need to wear! Girls, don’t lose temperature for the sake of style! Just wear more and more.

The diet must be light diet, do not eat spicy food. And don’t eat too much acidic food, don’t eat too much salty food, and don’t touch it anyway. And to add more vitamins, eat more fruits, but also calcium.

Exercise is indispensable. Do more aerobic exercise, the elderly should exercise in moderation, don’t push yourself too hard, insist on exercising every day to increase your resistance, and your body will be better.

People with rheumatism should not take ginseng casually. If you do it casually, it may be self-defeating and may aggravate the disease. It is best to listen to the doctor.

In terms of diet, you should be careful not to drink yogurt, but milk can be drunk, and skim milk can also reduce symptoms. However, yogurt has more lactic acid, and rheumatism patients should try not to drink it.