Precautions for pregnant women

2022-01-24 By cnherb888 0

“Six to eat” food that is beneficial to pregnant women:
(1) Whole-wheat products: including whole-wheat crackers, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, etc.;
(2) Milk and soy products: Pregnant women should consume about 1000 mg of calcium every day, and only 3 cups of skim milk can meet this demand;
(3) Fruits: There are many kinds of fruits, rich in vitamin C, folic acid and a lot of fiber, which can help pregnant women maintain physical strength and prevent fatigue caused by lack of water;
(4) Lean meat: Because lean meat is rich in iron and easily absorbed by the body;
(5) Vegetables: dark-colored vegetables often mean high vitamin content;
(6) Dried fruits: Nuts such as peanuts contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats.