Precautions for taking a bath.

2022-01-27 By cnherb777 0

It is not advisable to take a bath after drinking alcohol or when blood sugar is very low
Because after drinking alcohol, blood sugar will drop, and when you take a bath, you will consume a lot of calories because you have to scrub. It will lead to further lowering of blood sugar, and even severe hypoglycemic syncope or coma. So it is best not to take a shower after drinking.
Don’t take a bath when your blood pressure is too low
Because blood pressure is already very low, the blood supply to the brain and other parts of the body is insufficient. When bathing, hot water is generally used, and the capillaries in the skin area will expand, resulting in a further reduction in the blood supply to the brain and other important organs of the body. , In the process of bathing, there may be a phenomenon of fainting.
Do not take a bath immediately after eating
Especially if you are overeating. Because taking a bath immediately after eating will cause the skin capillaries to dilate, the blood in the stomach will decrease, and the digestive function of the stomach will be affected. And after a full meal, since most of the blood reaches the stomach, the blood in the head decreases, and discomfort such as dizziness may occur. So don’t take a shower immediately after eating. You can take a shower an hour after meals.
When a child has a high fever, it is best not to take a bath
Because when you have a high fever, the body is very weak, the pores are loose, and the resistance to external bacteria and viruses is reduced, and it is easy to develop new bacterial infections. You can wring out the towel and scrub your body.