Put a sticker on your belly button and enjoy “slimness” easily!

2022-01-17 By cnherb777 0

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product information
Belly patch suitable for all skin types
[Name] Tightening and pretty stickers
[Specifications] 3 pieces/box
[Applicable skin type] Applicable to a variety of skin types
【Place of Origin】Guangzhou
[Shelf life] 3 years
[Product ingredients] water, polyvinyl alcohol, xanthan gum, tea, flowers (CAMELLIA SINENSIS)
Leaf extract, HEDERA NEPAL ENSIS SINS IS extract, allyl alcohol,
(Ester) copolymer, phenoxyethanol, vananyl butyl mystery
[Product Features] This product can tighten the skin of the abdomen and other parts, tightening and elastic.
[Production License Number] XK16-1087046
【Health Makeup Standards】No. 29-XK-2842
1. First tear off the back and the transparent film in the middle;
2. Aim at the umbilical position to paste and tear off the left side film;
3. Paste the left side and tear off the right side film;
4. Place both hands on the abdomen, press left and right to spread;
5. According to personal use, gently tear off in 1-8 hours.
Use tips
1. 2-3 posts per week, 1-8 hours per post.
2. You can use more stickers a day (you can directly add other loose parts that need to be tightened), but you should not use more than 5 stickers a day.
3. Night and day, anytime, anywhere.
Use at night: (recommended, the effect is still good): Just stick it on every night before going to bed and take it off in the morning.
Daytime use: should not exceed 3 hours each time.
4. Match skin cream before and after use.
5. During use, if there is slight numbness, slight heat, slight swelling, and slight thorns in the abdomen, it is normal, please rest assured to use!