Put a sticker on your belly button and enjoy “slimness” easily!

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[Product Name] Acupoint Pressure Stimulating Paste Type C Slimming Paste
[Structural performance] Composed of a sphere or cylinder under pressure, a carrier and medical tape, polyethylene film or release paper. It is attached to acupuncture points of the human body and achieves the purpose of alleviating the disease through external stimulation.
[Model Specifications] Model: C-type slimming stickers 70mm×90mm×3 stickers/bag×3bags/box
[Intended use] It is used to apply pressure stimulation at acupoints on the body surface, and stimulate different acupoints according to pressure to relieve the corresponding symptoms (such as bloated waist and abdomen, puffiness, lower limb hypertrophy, etc.). Non-invasive.
【Storage】Keep away from light, seal, and store in a cool and dry place.
【Usage】According to traditional Chinese medicine acupoint therapy, select the corresponding acupuncture points according to the symptoms (see the acupoint map), clean the skin, dry it, remove the release paper from the patch, and apply the ointment core to Shenque acupoint (navel), Press several times to stick firmly. Shuangyongquan acupoints can also be added, one for each acupuncture point, replacement every 12-24 hours, 30 times a course of treatment.
[Precautions] 1. External use. 2. It is forbidden for pregnant women and those with damaged local skin. 3. If there is skin allergic reaction at the application site, it should be suspended to prevent infection, and it can be used again after the allergy disappears.
[Contraindications] It is forbidden for patients with open injury at the application site.
[Use period] 3 years