Put a sticker on your belly button and enjoy “slimness” easily!

2022-03-07 By cnherb777 0

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[Product name] Huanyan belly button paste
[Product specifications] 30 tablets + 30 stickers
[Product description] This product is made of moxa, longan, and Chinese pepper as raw materials. After being crushed, it is fully stirred and pressed into a spherical Huanyan navel paste.
[Suitable people] Suitable for people with deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach, damp heat in the body, and cold in the uterus of women.
【Usage】Take one capsule every night before going to bed, put it in the belly button, fix the special umbilical paste, and take it out the next day after getting up; you can also take another two capsules and stick it to the Yongquan point on your feet and take it out the next morning.