Put a sticker on your belly button and enjoy “slimness” easily

2022-01-14 By cnherb777 0

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Product parameter
【Product Name】Acupoint Pressure Stimulating Patch
[Intended use] It is applied to acupuncture points of the human body to perform external force puncture to clear the fat. It is non-invasive.
【Model Specification】70MMX70MM/Paste X6Piece
[Applicable people] It is suitable for acupuncture point stimulation with discomfort symptoms in abdomen and other parts to relieve symptoms.
【Usage】External use. Clean Shenque acupoints before use, take 1-2 sticks of this product, peel off the back of the foil, apply on the corresponding acupuncture points, and then apply a little force on the surrounding acupoints. Every 6-8 hours of sticking can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. .
[Precautions, warnings and reminders]
1. If there is skin allergic reaction at the application site, it should be suspended to prevent infection, and continue to use after the allergy disappears.
2. Body temperature and sweat will increase the viscosity of the gel. If a small amount of gel paste adheres to the skin, wipe it off.
3. Do not swallow the patch for external use.
4. Children must be used under adult supervision. 5. This product is for one-time use only.