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SHISEIDO is a famous cosmetics brand in Japan. The name is derived from the Chinese “Book of Changes”, which means “everything is born”. The meaning of Shiseido is to breed new life and create new value. “Zai Kun Yuan, everything is born” means “praising the virtues of the earth, she nurtures new life and creates new value.” This name is just a reflection of the image of Shiseido, which is a combination of oriental aesthetics and consciousness Combining with Western technology and business practices, combining advanced technology with traditional concepts, and interpreting implicit Eastern culture with Western culture.

In 1872, Shiseido established the first Western-style dispensing pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. In 1897, a lotion named EUDERMINE was scientifically developed based on western pharmacy prescriptions. Since then, Shiseido has been committed to research on skin and hair, and has developed many innovative products and beauty methods.

Shiseido China

After Shiseido came to China, it was deeply favored by Chinese consumers. There are many users of Shiseido products in different regions and stages in China. In order to more effectively seize market opportunities and quickly establish market sales strategic plans, Shiseido established Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in December 2003 to coordinate the cosmetics business in China. This has become Shiseido’s vigorous development of the cosmetics business in China Strong proof of Today, although Shiseido has established friendly relations with customers through department stores, in order to further expand the communication space with customers, Shiseido officially launched its cosmetics specialty store business in China in 2004. The Shiseido cosmetics store not only sells goods, but also introduces the correct use of cosmetics to Chinese women. At the same time, it is also a fashion cultural place that showcases new beauty methods and spreads fashionable clothing and hairstyles. In the future, Shiseido will also devote itself to providing more high-quality products and services to female friends of different regions, different ages and different needs through multiple sales channels.

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