Sudden insomnia can not sleep what to do?

2022-02-09 By cnherb777 0

Sudden insomnia can’t sleep, this situation is generally considered to be caused by excessive stress and mental tension. Head massage can be performed to promote blood circulation and relieve insomnia. You can also drink a glass of hot milk, which has a certain soothing effect. At the same time, keep your mind calm and avoid getting too excited. You can also take a hot bath or soak your feet, which can help you sleep. If you often have symptoms of insomnia, you can take some traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, but you must use it under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, some drugs that nourish nerves can also be taken orally, such as oral oryzanol tablets, or methylcobalamin, etc., the effect is relatively good. To develop the habit of going to bed on time, generally try to go to bed before ten o’clock at night, which is better for the body.