Tea recommendation-chrysanthemum

2022-01-05 By cnherb777 0

What are the effects and functions of chrysanthemum tea?
1. Refreshing and improving eyesight
Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important substance for maintaining eye health. Regular drinking of chrysanthemum tea can make people clear the mind and brighten the eyes. It has a good therapeutic effect on dry eyes caused by intense liver fire, especially for computer workers. You should drink more chrysanthemum tea.

2. Clean and moisturize the skin
Drinking more tea can speed up the circulation of body fluids, promote metabolism, remove skin excrement, and make the skin clean and moist.

3. Lower serum cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Chrysanthemum has the effect of significantly expanding the coronary artery and increasing coronary flow, reducing serum cholesterol, and having a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Patients with high cholesterol and those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often drink chrysanthemum tea is a very good choice. The functions of chrysanthemum tea are as follows.

4. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer
Chrysanthemum contains a kind of flavonoid antioxidant called luteolin. This substance is combined with chemotherapy to concentrate on killing cancer cells, which can make chemotherapy achieve better results.
5. Treat colds and headaches
Chrysanthemum is sweet, bitter, and slightly cold. It can be used for symptoms such as exogenous wind-heat, fever, aversion to cold, red eyes, swelling and pain, sores, swelling and pain, and hyperactivity of the liver-yang, such as dizziness, dizziness, swelling, and headache.
6. Treat constipation
The tannin of chrysanthemum tea can promote gastrointestinal motility and stimulate gastric juice secretion, so it can increase appetite, up and down ventilation, and normal bowel movements, so that many people do not need to use drugs to treat constipation.