Teach you 8 small knowledges to protect your stomach!

2022-01-05 By cnherb777 0

8 kinds of nourishing stomach knowledge:
1. Eating more noodles is the most nourishing stomach; rice contains a lot of acid, so eat less rice.
2. If you make porridge, put less soda in it, which is good for your stomach.
3. Millet porridge is just steamed buns (not buns), which can nourish the stomach.
4. There are two kinds of beverages that you should drink more, one is milk, and the other is hot water.
5. If the stomach is not good, eat small and frequent meals.
6. Stewed lamb with yam and black glutinous tea to drive away stomach cold
7. People with stomach problems should not exercise after meals. It is best to take a rest and wait until the food in the stomach is almost digested before starting to work. Or walking slowly is also better for digestion. In short, it is not suitable to work after meals.
8. In non-acute situations, medication is not recommended, because long-term medication has side effects, and stomach disease is a chronic disease that cannot be cured in a short period of time.