The efficacy and role of ginger.

2022-03-03 By cnherb777 0
  1. Perspiration to cool down
    Ginger is our common condiment, but it is not popular with people. Many people think that the taste of ginger is rather pungent, so you can be wrong. In fact, ginger has the effect of perspiration and cooling, and the ginger in ginger is spicy. Ginger has a certain stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels. Eating ginger can speed up blood circulation, open pores, and increase perspiration. With sweat, it can take away the residual heat in the body, which has a certain effect of preventing heatstroke. It can be used as a condiment for dishes, take a small piece with meals, or squeeze ginger juice, take 3 to 10 drops, and effectively promote blood circulation.
  2. Eliminate wind and cold
    In autumn and winter, we will have colds because of the cold weather, so it is better to drink some ginger water at this time. Ginger is a traditional cold medicine in my country. When the body is infected with cold air, drink some ginger syrup to expel the cold in the body, and also warm the body and prevent colds in winter. Colds caused by summer heat and wind heat are not suitable for consumption.
  3. Strengthen the spleen and stomach
    In summer, we like to eat some cold food because of the hot weather. Although we can feel the cold air, it also affects our body, such as heart palpitations, nausea and other symptoms. Eating ginger can help To warm the spleen and stomach to prevent the disease from getting worse. Ginger is a yang food, suitable for consumption in the morning, and not suitable for consumption in the afternoon and evening.
  4. Prevention and treatment of gastroenteritis
    Bacteria grow actively in summer, easily contaminating food and causing acute gastroenteritis. Properly eating some ginger or brewing tea with dry ginger and boiling water can play a role in preventing and treating gastroenteritis. Mainly, the ingredients such as capsaicin and gingerene in ginger have the effect of sterilization and sterilization. 50g fresh ginger, washed and chopped, add 300ml of water, fry for 30 minutes. Take it 3 times a day and finish it on the 2nd; it has the effect of treating gastroenteritis.
  5. Prevent motion sickness
    Ginger is spicy and mainly contains volatile and irritating components zingiberene, which has a relieving effect on “exercise maladaptation” caused by exercise. It is common to eat ginger to prevent motion sickness and seasickness. The general amount is 3 to 10 drops of ginger juice, drink it, or take a small piece to eat when you are dizzy or smell its spicy taste to treat motion sickness.
  6. First aid for poisoning
    Ginger has a significant therapeutic effect on toxins such as Pinellia, Aconitum, Naoyang Hua, Cassava, and Baibu, and can even detoxify fish and crabs. Detoxification method: For mild cases, gargle with ginger juice urgently, and take 5 ml orally, and then continue to take 5 ml every 4 hours. If the poisoning is serious and unconscious, 60 ml of 25% dry ginger soup should be given by nasal feeding immediately, and then 5 ml of fresh ginger juice should be poured every 3 hours.