The efficacy and role of mint leaves

2022-01-02 By CN Herb 0

Drug name: mint leaves Aliases: sesame pepper, water peppermint, wild peppermint, night odor, southern peppermint, water peppermint, fish herb, dan grass, scallion, fish coriander, dog meat fragrance Nature and flavor: spicy, cool Return meridian: Into the lung meridian, liver meridian Efficacy: Relieve wind and heat, clear the throat and rash, clear the boss, sooth the liver and promote qi Indications: Exogenous wind-heat, headache, sore throat, first onset of febrile disease, rubella itching, liver stagnation and qi stagnation, chest tightness and hypochondriac pain, food stagnation and bloating, mouth sores, toothache, scabies, addiction rash Usage and dosage: Oral administration: decoction (not suitable for long decoction), 0.8-2 yuan; or into pills or powder. External use: mashed juice or fried juice coated. The base source of medicinal materials: Mint leaf is the leaf of mint, a perennial herbaceous plant in the Lamiaceae family. Efficacy The efficacy and role of mint leaves 1. Mint leaves heal toothache, hot cough, relieve depression and summer heat, relieve polydipsia, stop bleeding and dysentery, and ease urination. “Medical Forest Compilation Essentials” 2. Mint leaves can search liver qi. The main lungs are more than enough, shoulder and back pain, cold and sweaty. (Wang Haogu) 3. Mint leaves cure fire parasitic sores such as moxibustion, fire poison gas enters, two strands of sores, dripping juice: Mint fried juice frequently applied. (“Doctors”) 4. Peppermint leaves cure stroke, epilepsy, injury of dryness and heat depression. “Materia Medica” 5. Peppermint leaves can diffuse, cool and clear, and specialize in dissipating wind and heat. Therefore, headache, head wind, diseases of the eyes, throat, mouth and teeth, fever in children, and scrofula and scabies are essential medicines. “Outline” 6. Peppermint leaves are used for liver stagnation and qi stagnation, chest tightness and hypochondriac pain: Peppermint leaves are combined into the liver meridian, which can relieve the liver and relieve depression. It is often used with Bupleurum, White peony, Angelica and other products for soothing the liver, regulating qi and regulating menstruation. Qi stagnation, chest pain, irregular menstruation, such as Xiaoyao San. 7. Peppermint leaves to treat bleeds: mint juice drops it. Or boil it in dry water and stuff the nose with cotton wrap. (“The Party”) 8. Mint leaves cure blood dysentery: take a single mint leaf decoction. (“Pujifang”)