The efficacy and role of wild ginseng and how to eat it

2022-01-24 By cnherb666 0

Mountain ginseng is a precious nourishing medicinal material, rich in nutrients, and is recognized as a health care food. For the elderly, it has the effect of strengthening the body and cultivating vitality. For young people, mountain ginseng can improve memory and promote physical development. The effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, invigorating the spleen and benefiting the lung, invigorating qi and promoting body fluid. Eating wild ginseng can make the brain tend to be in a balanced state, has the effect of anti-fatigue, has a great tonic effect on the vitality caused by chronic illness, dehydration, blood loss, etc. It can also resist tumor, antioxidant, and enhance immunity. There are many ways to eat wild ginseng. You can make it into powder and drink it with water, or slice it to make tea, or take it in decoction. You can also make porridge and make wine, but decoction has the best effect.