The harm of acute cerebral infarction

2021-12-27 By cnherb888 0

(1) Sudden occurrence of severe headache. Any sudden severe headache; patients with cerebral infarction will be accompanied by convulsions; recent history of head trauma; accompanied by coma and lethargy; sudden changes in the nature, location, and distribution of the headache.

(2) Dizziness can occur at any time before the cerebrovascular disease, especially when patients with cerebral infarction get up early in the morning. In addition, it is easy to occur after fatigue and bathing. Especially in patients with hypertension, if dizziness occurs repeatedly more than 5 times in 1 to 2 days, the damage of cerebral infarction will increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction. It is a very common symptom in the precursor of cerebral infarction.

(3) Abnormal gait, staggering, and weakness in walking legs are one of the aura symptoms of hemiplegia. If the elderly’s gait changes suddenly, accompanied by numbness and weakness of the limbs, it is a precursor to cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, this is also due to the harm of cerebral infarction.