The magical effect of violet

2021-12-21 By CN Herb 0

Editor’s Guide I don’t know if readers and friends have paid attention to the wild flowers on the roadside. There is a small purple flower that often grows in moist places such as hills and grasses. Viola has a long history of medicinal use. External application can treat carbuncle, bruises, snake bites, etc. It is widely used in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and pruritus, with significant effects. The following editor will give you a specific introduction. Medicinal violet picture “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Indicate all carbuncle back, swollen scrofula, unnamed swollen toxin, malignant sores.” Nameless swollen poison.” Viola odorifera can clear heat and detoxify, and dispel carbuncle carbuncle. It is often compatible with silver flower, dandelion, chrysanthemum, cicada slough, wild chrysanthemum, etc. For example, Viola odoratum is compatible with dandelion, both of which are essential medicines for clearing away heat and detoxification. Viola odoratum is better at cooling blood and detoxifying than dandelion, and is good at treating toxins; The combination of the two drugs has stronger power for clearing away heat and detoxification, dispersing masses and reducing swelling, and is used for the treatment of blood-heat congestion, carbuncle sores, swelling, heat pain, and urinary tract infections. Viola odoratum and honeysuckle are both heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs. Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, aromatic and evacuate, and is a good medicine for heat dissipation and detoxification; Viola odoratum is a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and reducing swelling. When the two medicines are combined, the honeysuckle obtains the purple flower and dicer, the detoxification power is strengthened, and has the effect of cooling the blood and swelling; the purple flower and the dicer can increase the heat dissipation and swelling power. The two medicines must be used for the purpose of treating carbuncle swelling and boils with excellent effect. picture Purple Flower Field “The Essential Prescriptions for a Thousand Golds” [Source] It is the dry whole plant of Viola Violaceae. Harvest in spring and autumn, remove impurities, and dry in the sun. [Synonyms] Ground Dingweed, Wild Viola, Viola glabra. 【Nature and Flavor】Bitter, pungent, cold in nature. 【Guijing】Guixin and Liver Channel. 【Functions and Indications】Clear heat and detoxify, cool blood and reduce swelling. Used for furuncle swelling, carbuncle back, erysipelas, and snake bites. [Precautions] Patients with swollen yin gangrene, headless, and cold spleen and stomach should be taken with caution, and those with cold constitution should be used with caution. 【Usage and Dosage】15~30g.