The pros and cons of drinking coffee

2022-02-16 By cnherb666 0

Coffee has become a favorite drink of young people, even better than milk and soy milk. Coffee has a refreshing effect. From the nutritional value of coffee, it contains a part of tannins, which can play a certain antioxidant effect and improve the function of nerves.

A lot of research has been done abroad. One to two cups of coffee a day can help the body to improve immune function and improve work efficiency. Just as coffee itself, if the intake of coffee brings trans fatty acids, it is not worth the loss. Therefore, when drinking coffee, try not to add sugar or extra vegetable fat, so as not to affect human health.

In addition, drinking too much coffee, such as more than six cups of coffee a day, may bring about excessive nervous excitement, affect sleep, and also cause decalcification in the body and cause osteoporosis. Therefore, coffee once or twice a day Cups are the best option.