The role and efficacy of corn silk

2021-12-28 By cnherb888 0
  1. Choleretic effect Corn beard can significantly increase bile secretion and promote bile excretion, reduce organic matter and residue in bile, and reduce viscosity, specific gravity and bilirubin content. Therefore, it can be used as a choleretic for chronic cholecystitis without complications or cholangitis with obstruction of bile drainage.

  2. Protect the heart Flavonoids contained in corn silk can inhibit the production of harmful low-density lipoproteins and have the effect of protecting the heart. The cellulose content in fresh corn is 6-8 times that of polished rice and refined noodles, which can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  3. Treatment of jaundice: Combining with the jaundice-reducing Yinchen can also treat jaundice caused by hepatitis.