The role and efficacy of maltose

2021-12-29 By cnherb888 0

Function and efficacy
1. Detoxification and beauty: Maltose can detoxify and beauty, and promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals.

  1. Moisten the lungs and remove dryness: It can be used to treat symptoms of qi deficiency, fatigue, deficiency and cold abdominal pain, lung deficiency, chronic cough and asthma.

  2. To replenish the spleen and soften the liver: Maltose can nourish the spleen and soften the liver, but it should be noted that children’s viscera are full but not fully developed, and because of “the liver is often surplus, the spleen is often insufficient”, they often suffer from liver and spleen Disharmony makes you sick. Maltose itself contains a lot of sugar, and children have poor digestion ability, so it is not recommended to consume too much. In addition, children must remember to brush their teeth after eating.

  3. Invigorating the spleen and qi: Maltose mainly treats weakness of the spleen and stomach, shortness of breath and fatigue. However, it should be used with caution if there is weak middle gas, insufficient digestion, dampness and heat in the body, and fat and diseased body, because maltose can promote dampness and heat generation and make it easy to bloat.