The winter solstice regimen should be tonic, tonic for one day, and healthy for one year!

2021-12-21 By CN Herb CN Health 0

Editor’s Guide There is a proverb in the north, “If you don’t serve dumpling bowls during the winter solstice, no one will care about your ears if you freeze your ears.” Although the South does not have the habit of eating dumplings during the winter solstice, there is also a custom of “family pounding rice to make glutinous rice balls, which is known as the Ming Dynasty winter solstice”. Whether eating dumplings or glutinous rice balls in the “North-South War”, tonic in the winter solstice is a habit engraved in the DNA of Chinese people. In the winter solstice season, how to supplement, let me introduce to you below~ picture winter solstice The best time for tonic Diet As the saying goes, “Three nines make up one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year.” Because “Qi begins at the winter solstice”, life activities begin to turn from decline to prosperity at this time, and from static rotation, Yang Qi begins to grow, which is good for strengthening the body in spring. The diet is the most important way of recuperation, and foods that are not suitable for cold, dry and hot, and nourish yin and yang are the most superior.


In cold weather, warm tonic foods are the first choice, and warm tonic products such as beef and mutton can be eaten appropriately. The diet should pay attention to “three more and three less”, that is, more protein, vitamins, and cellulose; less sugar, fat, and salt. Food should be warm, hot and cooked, and eat more nut foods, which can keep out the cold, nourish the kidney and brain, and strengthen the heart and body.