“The world’s first pain” trigeminal neuralgia, this method works 3 times

2021-12-21 By CN Herb 0

Editor’s Guide Trigeminal neuralgia is known as “the first pain in the world” and is a common clinical neurological disease. Talking, washing your face, brushing your teeth, eating, and even blowing air can cause severe pain, which seriously affects the patient’s quality of life, work and social skills. Today I brought a method to treat trigeminal neuralgia, and it worked 3 times! ! Trigeminal neuralgia is a common type of neuralgia, which refers to the paroxysmal and launching severe pain in the distribution area of the trigeminal nerve. It is the most typical clinical neuralgia. It is more common in women over 40 years of age. It is often caused by talking, swallowing, brushing teeth, washing face, cold stimulation, mood swings and other inducements. Facial pain belongs to the category of “facial wind pain” and “cheek pain” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often caused by wind evil invading the Yangming and Sun meridians, stagnating blood and blood, and the meridians are blocked. The disease is on the face, involving the lungs, large intestine, stomach and other internal organs. Clinical manifestations Sudden onset of facial pain, which is lightning-like, knife-cut-like, acupuncture-like, and burning-like severe pain, lasting several seconds to several minutes, and may be accompanied by facial flushing, tearing, salivation, runny nose, facial muscle twitching, and the number of attacks is variable. No symptoms during the intermittent period, just like ordinary people.


1. Prescription The main points: Ashi point, Taiyang, Xiaguan, Zygomatica, Yifeng. Matching points: Hegu, Neiting, Taichong. 2. Puncture The patient lies in the supine position, routinely disinfects the skin, burns 2 1-inch needles, fast in and out, pricks each point 1 to 2 times, and the depth of needle insertion is 2mm. Ashi point, Taiyang, Xiaguan, Zygomatica, Yifeng are combined with warm acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. One treatment every other day, 10 times as a course of treatment.