There are three main reasons for premature ovarian failure, which must be understood.

2022-01-24 By cnherb777 0
  1. Genetic factors
    Chromosomal abnormalities are one of the main causes of premature ovarian failure, which means that women with a family history of premature ovarian failure are more likely to have premature ovarian failure. The risk of premature ovarian failure due to genetic factors is 28 times that of the general population.
    It should be noted that the family medical history here refers specifically to the patient’s mother, sister or mother’s sister, and female relatives who are too far away do not need to be used as a reference.
    Therefore, under the premise of knowing that the family has a relevant medical history, female friends should take preventive measures in advance.
  2. Live a healthy life, stay up late, and ensure endocrine stability.
  3. Keep your mood and be less angry. The biggest difference between women and men is that women’s anger is “mammary gland hyperplasia in mild cases, and ovarian cysts in severe cases”.
  4. Do a good job of menstrual health care, do not get cold during menstruation, so that the ovaries will be stimulated.
  5. Eat more foods containing phytoestrogens every day to increase nutrition for the ovaries.
  6. Disease and diagnosis and treatment factors
    The ovary is a very fragile organ in the human body, and many medical methods for diagnosing and treating other diseases will endanger the health of the ovary. Such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy and some gynecological surgery will increase the probability of premature ovarian failure.
    Pelvic radiotherapy in particular, although the extent of radiotherapy, patient age, and drug dose are all risk variables. However, the risk of premature ovarian failure in patients with pelvic radiotherapy is 3-5 times higher than that of the general population.
    Studies have shown that about 30% of female patients with other autoimmune diseases are accompanied by symptoms of premature ovarian failure. Therefore, some scholars believe that premature ovarian failure is the manifestation of disease involving the ovary.
    Sickness is difficult to predict, it can only be said that early detection and early treatment. If the female patient has a fertility plan, but the condition develops, it is still necessary to actively take measures to freeze eggs, and then make plans when the condition is cured or stabilized.
  7. Environmental factors
    It is currently medically believed that the incidence of premature ovarian failure has a certain correlation with seasons and regions. According to recent data, with the increasingly harsh ecological environment, sub-healthy lifestyle, and late reproductive age, the incidence of premature ovarian failure is on the rise.
    Therefore, female friends in the following situations need to adjust themselves for health reasons:
  8. Women who smoke or passively smoke have worse ovarian status, and the age of menopause is 1-2 years earlier than that of ordinary women. For the health of the other half and the next generation, stay away from cigarettes.
  9. Sedentary workers such as taxi drivers and white-collar workers are unfriendly to the female reproductive system. Proper activities are recommended during work.
  10. Working in an environment with toxic substances for a long time, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, pesticides, insecticides, etc. are all toxic substances. In this case, it is recommended to change jobs early. Money is not enough, and health is more important.
    When it comes to ovaries, it seems to be inseparable from the word inheritance. But sisters, don’t forget another important function of the ovary – the gatekeeper of youth.
    The ovaries are responsible for secreting hormones that maintain the beauty, texture, and firmness of your sister. If you want to keep the ovary young, then the rhythm and quantity of the hormones it secretes will not fluctuate too much, and the sisters can naturally not be afraid of the years.