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Product Name: Cross-type back correction belt
Material: Neoprene Velcro
Weight: about 195g
Colour: Black
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Place of Origin: China. Yiwu
Efficacy: Mainly to correct hunchback, stand up, abdomen, and correct poor sitting
Attributes: S: within 30-50 kg M: within 50-90 kg L: within 90-120 kg XL: within 120-140 kg XXL: within 140-160 kg XXXL: within 160-190 kg
1. If the corrective belt is different from the size of the clothes, please do not select the corrective belt by the size of the clothes purchased, and choose the size according to the size chart.
2. In the first week, during the adjustment period, do not tighten too much, let the spine get used to it; in the second week, in the holding period, slightly increase the force, sit upright and stand upright; in the third week, in the adaptation period, you must insist on wearing it for 2 hours a day, 3. Zhou helps you develop good habits.
3. The exquisite design is close-fitting, suitable for adults and children. The posture is adjusted to create a charming posture, waist and abdomen are constricted, and the upright posture is light and breathable. The posture is optimized, lighter and more comfortable, with multiple memory support strips. Wisdom support.
4. The shoulder-wrap design forms a unique shoulder protection net from point to face, which fits the curve of the shoulder and provides gentle care.
5. Double Y cross-lead straps, comprehensively exert force from the shoulders and armpits backwards, multi-force staggered to gather the central part of the spine, truly realize chest, straight back, and abdomen, with the buckle of the guard, sticking at random in any direction , Slender and smooth sticky hair sticks, avoid clothing damage, firmness and peace of mind.