Tips for boosting good health.

2022-01-21 By cnherb777 0
  1. Wash your face scientifically. After getting up every morning, we’d better wash our face with cold water, which can not only wash away the dust that sticks to our face during sleep, but also improve our mental state for the day. For some girls who wear makeup every day, the first thing to do after get off work every night is to wash your face to wash off the makeup and dirt that has faded from your face.
  2. Salt detoxifies the skin. Salt’s anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects are well known, but its detoxification effect is also unique. If you have oily skin, try mixing a teaspoon of salt and honey thoroughly, apply it on your face and massage gently for 5 minutes, then rinse off with water. Salt has the effect of deeply cleaning skin pores, while honey water can replenish skin nutrition in time. Once a day, morning and evening, it can help remove skin toxins.
  3. Place plants in the room that suit you. Color psychologist Sizerba said: “Just like vitamins are nourishment for people, color is also a nourishment for the brain.” Among all colors, the green of plants has a harmonious quality and is helpful for treating depression. . Red has a powerful burning energy, which has the effect of “harmonizing the blood, calming the liver, nourishing the stomach, and widening the chest”. Purple can stimulate tissue growth and heal wounds. So might as well put some flowers or potted plants in the office or living room.
  4. Eat vegetarian 2 days a week. Nowadays, many people pay attention to the nutrition of their meals. They blindly think that eating big fish and meat will definitely be good for the body. In fact, this statement is too one-sided. Eating foods with high nutritional value is of course good for the body, but if you keep eating it, it will bring a huge burden to the body and stomach. Therefore, we should eat vegetarian food two days a day to give our stomach a rest.
  5. Apply strong tea to the eyes. At the end of a tiring day at the computer, your eyes are sore and dry. Don’t rush to buy eye drops, try the easiest way. Boil a pot of strong tea, let it cool, wash your eyes, then soak two cotton balls with tea water, close your eyes, and apply on your eyelids. Relax for 5 minutes and think about something pleasant. This will relieve your eyestrain and make your eyes brighter.
  6. Learn a dance. Use your spare time to learn a dance. Whether it’s ballet, Latin, African dance or belly dance, “transparency, warmth, and sexiness” have become the three new rules for a beautiful body. And the “dance” that can create this new perfect body will inevitably attract enthusiastic attention. Bodybuilding experts believe that in addition to sculpting the body, dance has extraordinary health benefits.