Tips for preventing hair loss.

2022-01-21 By cnherb777 0

Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, once hair loss is a thing that greatly affects the image! No matter how good-looking you are, thinning hair will detract from your image! So what are some tips for preventing hair loss in daily life?
1. Massage to prevent hair loss. Massaging the scalp helps to relax and promote blood circulation, thereby preventing hair loss. When massaging, use your fingertips with appropriate force, push and rub the entire scalp back and forth, at least 15-20 minutes a day.
2. Say No to overeating! Overeating, partial eclipse, fast food, etc., are not good for hair health, especially before going to bed to keep an empty stomach, otherwise it will affect blood circulation and accelerate hair loss.
3. Turn on the correct way of shampooing. Before applying shampoo, comb the hair and scalp to remove the dirt, which can reduce the amount of shampoo used. The shampoo should be lathered on the palm of the hand before applying to the hair.
4. Dry your hair quickly after shampooing. Wet hair is prone to bacteria growth, so dry your hair as soon as possible after washing. When using the hair dryer, keep it 20-30 cm away from the hair, and do not blow it in one place for a long time. When blowing with hot air to 70% to 80% dry, use cold air instead to protect the scalp and shape.
5. Don’t stay up late! At night, the metabolism of hair mother cells is in an active state, which is the “golden period” of hair growth. Therefore, it is best to fall asleep before 10 pm, often staying up late can also lead to hair loss.