way to grow taller

2022-01-14 By cnherb777 0
  1. Exercise regularly
    Regularly participating in physical exercise suitable for growing taller and strengthening the brain can promote blood circulation throughout the body, ensure that skeletal muscles and brain cells receive sufficient nutrition, and promote thickening of bones, thickening of bone density, and enhanced resistance to compression and bending. Exercise can promote the secretion of growth hormone, so that the bones, muscles, and brain develop better. Therefore, you should take part in more activities suitable for growing your height and strengthening your brain, such as swimming, rope skipping, volleyball, shuttlecock, tennis, rubber band jumping, rhythmic gymnastics and various ball activities. Exercise is not conducive to increase height.
  2. Get enough sleep
    Going to bed early and getting enough sleep is a great way to promote growth. The growth hormone secreted by the body is an important “power” substance that promotes our height growth. Science has shown that growth hormone secretion is highest during sleep, and babies have high levels of growth hormone in their blood 24 hours a day, and there is no significant difference between sleep and wakefulness.
  3. Actively prevent disease
    The body is the capital of revolution. If you get sick, the process of growing taller and taller will definitely be affected. The doctor said that generally acute diseases affect weight, and chronic diseases affect height. The temperature in autumn is changeable, and it is the season of high incidence of cough and diarrhea. Once you get sick, your health will be damaged. In addition, the disease generally loses appetite, and the nutrition can not keep up, which will definitely affect the growth of the body and head. Therefore, mothers must actively prevent repeated respiratory tract infections and chronic diarrheal diseases in their babies, especially the latter. In addition to reducing nutrient intake, it will also affect nutrient absorption. Don’t let the disease slow down growth and development!