What are the benefits of eating bananas

2022-01-05 By cnherb666 0
  1. The benefits of eating bananas: (1) Anti-hypertension. Eating bananas has anti-hypertensive effect. Therefore, for people with hypertension symptoms, you can eat a banana every day to improve symptoms. (2) Enhance immunity. Bananas also have the effect of enhancing immune function. Therefore, for those with poor immune function, you can often eat bananas. (3) Help lose weight. Usually eat one or two bananas to be full. It can be seen that bananas have the effect of increasing the feeling of fullness, so those who want to lose weight can eat some bananas during the weight loss period. 2. Disadvantages of eating bananas: (1) Easy to gain weight. Because bananas are rich in calories, eating too many bananas in one day not only does not help lose weight, but also has the side effect of increasing weight. (2) Easily dysmenorrhea. Bananas are cold in nature, so you can’t eat bananas during menstruation, it is easy to have dysmenorrhea.