What are the benefits of vitamin C for children’s body?

2021-12-24 By cnherb888 0

Improve the immunity
Vitamin C can promote the utilization of iron, calcium and folic acid, which can be transformed into nutrients that our human body needs. It can ultimately improve our body’s immunity and reduce the appearance of colds and other diseases. This is why parents and friends love vitamin C so much. one.

Help teeth and bone development
Vitamins can also promote bone metabolism and the production of collagen fibers, both of which are very important for the development of children’s bones and teeth, so it is very important to take vitamin C especially when children grow up.The development of a child’s bones is a very important part of the child’s growth process. Parents and friends should not ignore it. During this period, they must urge their children to eat more vegetables and fruits and take vitamin C together.

Scientific research shows that vitamin C also has whitening and sunscreen functions. This is a topic of concern for many beauty lovers. A certain amount of vitamin C can improve facial pigmentation and protect the skin.