What are the calcium supplement foods in autumn and winter?

2022-01-12 By cnherb777 0
  1. Beverages – milk
    Milk is a good source of calcium, drinking 250 grams (a bag) of milk can get about 275 mg of calcium, which is convenient for drinking and good absorption.

2. Nuts – hazelnuts
Hazelnuts have the highest calcium content among all kinds of nuts. The calcium content of every 100 grams of fried hazelnuts is as high as 815 mg, which can meet the calcium requirements of adults for a day. However, nuts foods are generally high in calories and should not be eaten too much.
3. Cereals – oats
Among all kinds of cereals, oat has the highest calcium content, which is 7.5 times that of refined white rice. Although the absorption rate of calcium in oats is not as good as that in milk, it is still a great help in preventing calcium deficiency. If the oatmeal and black sesame seeds are boiled together to make a delicious porridge, the calcium supplementation effect is even better.

4. Beans – Kidney Beans
Every 100 grams of kidney beans with skin contains 349 mg of calcium, which is nearly 2 times that of soybeans. Kidney beans can be made into appetizers or snacks, which is a good way to supplement calcium.

5. Each capsule of calcium and vitamin D nutritional supplements contains: calcium 219.9mg, vitamin D 2.4μg, supplementing daily needs.