What are the dangers of myopia

2022-02-23 By cnherb666 0

Slow down learning – put in 30% more effort Myopia produces blurred vision, dry and sore eyes, difficulty concentrating, emotional irritability and even dizziness, which will make children spend 30% more time and mental effort than children with normal vision , spend more time studying.

What are the dangers of myopia
A drag on further studies – more than 30 majors are restricted from applying for examinations. Every year, a large number of candidates are rejected because of myopia, which involves nearly 30 majors such as electronic information, bioengineering, medical pharmacy, aviation, and navigation technology. Seriously affect the child’s life career planning.

The degree is deepened – the development of a high degree of myopia When children are short-sighted, they are anxious to get glasses, but glasses only have a corrective effect, but have no therapeutic effect. After wearing glasses, children can see clearly in the distance, but when reading and writing at close range, myopia lenses increase the burden on the eyes.

Genetics – slaves to glasses from generation to generation Myopia plays an important role in the occurrence and development of myopia. Both parents are highly short-sighted, and their children are 100% short-sighted. If no treatment is taken, they will become slaves to glasses for generations.

What are the dangers of myopia
The “World Eye Care Association” survey of Chinese adolescents with myopia found that myopia affects the development of children in the following four aspects, and even affects the happiness of children’s life. Therefore, please pay attention to the majority of myopic patients and parents or children with myopia. Myopia will affect children’s learning, and parents with high myopia will inherit myopia to their children, so for the future of their children, please treat myopic parents as soon as possible. Myopia in you or your child.