What are the precautions for pregnancy

2022-01-10 By cnherb666 0

1 First of all, you need to carry out a series of pre-pregnancy physical examinations before preparing for pregnancy to see if your body is suitable for conception

2 Ensure enough sleep and rest time every day to keep yourself relaxed and happy, so as not to disrupt hormone secretion. Maintain good work and rest habits.

  1. Both men and women need to quit smoking and drinking when preparing for pregnancy. Many harmful substances in tobacco will also kill sperm, and there are also harmful substances in alcohol, which are not conducive to the survival of sperm. So it’s better to quit smoking.

4 Some carbonated beverages are also best not to drink, such as cola, coffee, etc., which have a great harmful effect on sperm.

  1. The diet during pregnancy is best to be light, do not eat spicy and greasy food.

  2. During pregnancy, women should not be under too much psychological pressure. Try to relax, go out for a walk, or do something soothing such as yoga.

  3. Women need an appropriate amount of folic acid supplementation. Folic acid deficiency may lead to incomplete fetal brain development or deformity, so if you want a healthy child, you need to supplement folic acid.

  4. Calcium is also needed to supplement folic acid. Calcium is the main component for the formation of bones and teeth. It is indispensable in the process of fetal development. You can eat calcium tablets or get it from your daily diet.