What are the prevention methods for new coronavirus pneumonia

2022-01-05 By cnherb666 0

You can respond to and prevent new coronavirus pneumonia by reducing travel, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, avoiding eating and contacting wild animals, staying away from suspected infected persons, and avoiding direct rubbing of your eyes with your hands.
1. Reduce travel. The new coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets, and densely populated areas will greatly increase the possibility of coronavirus transmission.
2. Wear a mask, you can choose medical surgical masks, N95 and KN95 masks. For daily travel, medical surgical masks can already meet the protection needs; if you need to contact people who have a fever or cough, use N95/KN95 masks for better protection.
3. Clean hands promptly and effectively, and “washing hands frequently” is currently recognized as one of the effective ways to prevent pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. Wash your hands promptly after going out, and keep your hands clean and hygienic in public places in a timely and effective manner, which can reduce the chance of virus infection. You must wash your hands after covering your mouth and coughing, before meals and after going out, and after going out to contact animals (especially wild animals) or their excrement.
4. Avoid eating and contacting wild animals. According to the National Health Commission’s research progress on the new coronavirus, the new coronavirus may originate from wild animals. Therefore, do not touch any wild animals, let alone eat them, to avoid direct infection.
5. Keep away from suspected infected persons and take protective measures. If you encounter suspicious symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, etc., or suspicious persons from epidemic areas, please stay away in time. If you are close to or have been in contact with such persons, in addition to wearing a mask, use the wet wipes and hand sanitizer you carry with you to disinfect them in time to avoid infection, and isolate them at home for at least 14 days.
6. Avoid rubbing your eyes directly with your hands, and wear goggles if possible. The new type of coronavirus mainly enters the respiratory mucosa through droplets to cause infection, and the conjunctiva of the eye is also one of the ways of infection. It can also cause infection after rubbing the eyes.