What are the symptoms of alcohol allergy?

2022-02-15 By cnherb777 0

The first one, itching all over the body, itching is a symptom that occurs in almost every allergic symptom, and once this symptom occurs, it will have a very serious impact on the patient.
The second one is erythema. These erythema are likely to spread all over the body, but the itching sensation caused by this kind of spot is not too strong, and the time of existence is also very short. Most of them will subside within 1~2 days, so it will not affect It will not affect the patient’s health.
Third, breathing difficulties, this is a very serious impact. If a patient has this symptom and is not treated in time, it will easily threaten the patient’s life.
Although it is said that drinking can relieve everyone’s fatigue, you must also pay attention to whether your physical fitness is suitable for drinking. Don’t put your health at risk because of your performance, and the symptoms after drinking are very serious, which will make the patient feel It is extremely uncomfortable, so people who are allergic to alcohol must not drink.