What are the ten symptoms of depression

2022-03-01 By cnherb666 0

The ten symptoms of depression precursors mainly include the following:

First, the mood is low. The patient shows a low mood and is not happy.

Second, there is a loss of interest and pleasure. The main manifestation of the patient is that he feels no interest in anything, or feels the loss of pleasure and disappears.

Third, the increase in the sense of labor or the decrease in energy is a decrease in activity. The patient shows that if he does some things a little, he will have obvious fatigue and stagnation, fatigue and powerlessness.

Fourth, the patient will have difficulty concentrating and reduce the ability to pay attention.

Fifth, patients appear to have low self-evaluation and self-confidence, thinking that they are incompetent and incompetent.

Sixth, the patient has the concept of self-guilt or a sense of worthlessness. Even mildly depressive patients may have such a performance, feeling that they have no value in existence.

Seventh, the patient appears to think that the future is bleak and sad, and there is no future.

Eighth, self-injury and suicidal thoughts or behaviors, when such patients have self-injury and suicidal thoughts and behaviors, special attention should be paid to preventing malignant events.

Ninth, patients with sleep disorders may manifest as increased or decreased sleep.

Tenth, the patient has changes in appetite, such as weight loss caused by decreased appetite or weight gain caused by increased appetite, often the weight change is about 5%.