What do you know about health tips?

2021-12-28 By cnherb777 0

As the saying goes: eat radish in summer and ginger in winter without a doctor’s prescription. Seeing a doctor is worse than keeping one’s health. In this materialistic society, everything is becoming more and more expensive, but people are becoming the cheapest. A mobile phone is five or six thousand, but he is not willing to spend money to maintain his health. How much do you know about daily health maintenance, let me share my practice with you.

The old saying goes well: life lies in exercise, after a meal, walk a hundred steps to live to ninety-nine. Exercise is the best and cheapest method for health preservation. Develop exercise for about two hours a day, such as running, skipping rope, playing ball and so on for a long time. You will find that the spirit of the whole person becomes better, and the appetite will be better. Just spend one or two hours a day, and there are fewer diseases, which is no better than spending money to see a doctor.

To have a healthy body, it is necessary to have a balanced nutrition in all aspects, and I don’t know much about these trace elements. But in daily life, our food should be well matched, such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. The nutrients of these foods are needed every day. Warm up in winter is suitable for eating lamb stewed with radish. Eat nutritious food in the morning, eat more at noon, and don’t eat too much for dinner. It is best not to eat supper under normal circumstances.

The health regimen is divided into kinetic regimen and resting regimen. Motive training lies in exercise, while rest rest in sleeping. Get enough sleep. The best time to sleep is around ten o’clock in the evening and get up around six o’clock in the morning. You can drink a cup of hot milk and bubble feet before going to bed, which will help improve the quality of sleep. Soaking your feet can promote blood circulation. Soaking your feet in winter is very beneficial.
A healthy mentality is also very important. For example, a person always complains and loses his temper. Do you say that his body can be healthy? A person’s mental state will be good only if he has less desire and a good mood, and he is not easy to get sick. As the saying goes, this is the truth when you have a smile for ten years and a sad and sorrowful one. With more smiles on the face, the person’s energy and spirit will be better, and the body will be healthy.
The family environment is also vital to personal health. Food hygiene, living environment. It is said that diseases are imported from the mouth, so household hygiene should be kept clean. Open windows frequently in the bedroom to ventilate. Some green plants can be planted to improve the air, and it looks more vigorous.