What is bay leaf, bay leaf relieves fatigue

2022-01-26 By cnherb888 0
  1. Relieve anxiety and fatigue

Because the chemicals contained in bay leaves have a calming and relaxing effect when burned, which can help restore a state of calm, but its calming effect will not make people want to sleep, but will help eliminate fatigue.

Method: Prepare 5 containers similar to sauce pans, then ignite the dried bay leaves, put them into the containers, and set them aside to let the burned bay leaves release the flavor.

  1. Activation of the respiratory system

Bay leaf activates the human respiratory system and helps remove phlegm from the lungs. You can also massage your chest with bay essential oil, which can also help relieve respiratory problems.

Method: Prepare about 10 pieces of fresh bay leaves, add cold water to the pot, then add bay leaves, cover the pot and heat until it boils, turn off the fire, and then inhale the steam.