What is the efficacy and role of papaya

2022-01-21 By cnherb666 0
  1. The fresh fruit of medicinal papaya contains more tannins and organic acids, and the sugar content is relatively low, which makes the taste sour and should not be eaten raw. But its fruit is nutritious and rich in vitamins. The acids in papaya include malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, etc. These organic acids have pure sour taste. After proper dilution and supplemented with certain sweeteners such as sucrose or honey, they can be made into products with unique flavors. 2. The health care function is obvious. Using papaya as the raw material, the products that have been successfully developed and marketed mainly include papaya juice drink, papaya honey, papaya fruit wine, papaya fruit vinegar and so on. We are currently researching and developing superoxide dismutase SOD anti-aging preparations extracted from papaya, papaya compound antioxidant essence (health food), modern papaya single-flavor Chinese medicine concentrated granules, low-temperature vacuum-dried papaya decoction pieces, and papaya honey liquid effervescent tablets. The first and pilot trials of papaya fruit powder and other types of food have been successful, and they can be put into production soon. The processed papaya fruit products can also be used as chemical and cosmetic raw materials, as feed or additives.