What kind of harm does staying up late cause? How to remedy it when staying up late

2021-12-27 By cnherb777 0
  1. Hurt our liver and gallbladder.
    Staying up late is the most harmful to the liver. The liver is a very important organ in our body. It is the largest chemical plant in the human body. Many nutrients need to be synthesized and converted in the liver. Many toxins need to be detoxified by the liver, so the liver is very heavy. , 11pm to 2am is the time for the liver to repair. If you don’t sleep at this time, the liver will not be able to repair it. After a long time of overload operation, our liver may be scrapped in advance, and various liver diseases will be found. Come up.

2. Harm the body’s immunity.
The reason why we can overcome some diseases is that our body has a strong immunity, which can deal with various bacteria and viruses, but if we always stay up all night without sleeping, the body’s immunity will be reduced. If it is three days in a row Without sleeping, the body’s immunity can be reduced to zero, and any virus cannot resist. This time is also the best time for cancer cells to invade. Therefore, people who often stay up late are prone to cancer.
3. Harm the stomach and intestines.
Our gastrointestinal tract is the most difficult, and we also need to rest every night, but people who stay up all night always want to eat, which will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and our gastrointestinal problems will also occur over time.

4. Damage to eyesight.
If you don’t sleep, you must be looking at your phone or computer. If you stare at the screen for a long time, your eyesight will be severely damaged.
What should I eat if I often stay up late?
Egg Yolk:
Egg yolk has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin A, which can improve the body’s adaptability to dim light, which is very beneficial for people who stay up late for a long time to work.
Pork loin:
Pork loin has many effects. Pork loin contains high animal protein content, which can provide amino acids needed by the human body, which is of great benefit to workers who stay up late.
The lotus seeds have many functions and effects. The lotus seeds are rich in vitamin B, which can relieve fatigue, protect the liver, provide sufficient calories, and improve concentration.