What to do if you eat too much greasy food?

2022-02-22 By cnherb777 0

Too much greasy food can cause gastrointestinal irritation, causing stomach bloating, stomach pain, abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, which can make people very uncomfortable. Today, I will share with you some foods that can eliminate greasy fat.
1. Eat hawthorn
Hawthorn is rich in pectin. Eating hawthorn can play an appetizer and aid digestion. Therefore, if you eat too much greasy, you can eat some hawthorn to help digestion.

2. Eat kiwi
If you eat too much greasy food, you will experience abdominal distention and indigestion. Kiwi fruit can effectively promote digestion. Allowing the protein in your diet to be absorbed quickly by your body can reduce discomfort caused by eating too much greasy food.
3. Eat apples
Apples are rich in potassium and pectin, which can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and the organic acids in apples can speed up the digestion of food, thereby helping everyone to relieve greasy.