What to do if your personality is too sensitive?

2022-02-16 By cnherb777 0
  1. Learn to self-comfort
    Don’t like to dig into the bull’s-eye when something happens, everyone will have a downturn, which is normal. I don’t see others complaining because others are open-minded and don’t take a little thing to heart, which increases pressure on myself. Besides, even if it is true, when you encounter a very tangled and headache, can complaining solve the problem? You must have a good attitude, don’t always think about asking others to comfort and care for you, and learn to comfort yourself.
  2. Be a perfectionist
    People with too delicate and sensitive minds pursue perfection in many things, and hope that every thing, even every sentence, will reach their own rules. Afterwards, I have to repeatedly ask my companions, is what I said right? Did I perform well today? Did my clothes fit today? I care about every detail. But no one can please everyone, it will be very tiring, so don’t pursue perfection too much in everything.
  3. Divert attention
    If you feel very upset, you can relax your mind and body by diverting your attention, allowing you to temporarily relieve psychological stress. Divert attention by listening to music, walking outdoors, etc.
  4. Don’t stay at home
    When a person is alone, he always thinks about things, and likes to think of some negative things to affect his mood. Even a writer’s old house is not enough. On weekends or other holidays, he should often go out to play, ask three friends to go out to sing songs, go shopping, and people will appear more energetic. Once a person is cheerful, he loves to laugh, and when he smiles, his heart will not be so depressed, and he will not be thinking wildly.
  5. Ways to relax
    If your mind is too sensitive, you will inevitably be nervous all the time, thinking about everything for a long time. At this time, it is recommended to learn how to relax and let yourself not think too much. You can start with the relaxation of the body, such as the relaxation in yoga, and then slowly relax your mind.
  6. Adapt
    Sensitive people can’t let go of many things. If there is something or someone who really makes it difficult to deal with, then don’t force yourself not to think about it, but you should handle it properly. You can ask family members or friends for advice and ask them to help you solve some difficult problems.
  7. Pay attention to rest
    Poor rest can also be nerve-wracking, and even normally insensitive people can become sensitive when sleep-deprived. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your daily routine and let yourself go to bed and get up early as much as possible. Adequate sleep time is a good way to relieve sensitivity. Adults should sleep at least 7 hours at night.
  8. How to talk
    Talking is a good method. When you encounter something and you feel very troubled, you might as well tell your friends or colleagues and ask them what they think, maybe it will solve your troubles for you.