What to eat for a headache after drinking.

2022-01-27 By cnherb777 0
  1. Drink yogurt
    Yogurt cures irritability after drinking. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa and delay the absorption of alcohol. It is rich in calcium, which is particularly effective for relieving irritability after drinking. Therefore, if you have a headache after drinking, you can drink a cup of yogurt, which can not only protect the stomach, but also relieve the headache after drinking.
  2. Drink mung bean juice
    To take care of those who are drunk, you can make some mung bean juice at home and let the drunk people drink it so that they can hangover. Take 2 taels of mung beans, add an appropriate amount of water, and drink after cooking. Drink together with the soup and beans. If the mung beans are mashed and taken with boiling water, it will also have a hangover effect.
  3. Eat Chinese cabbage hearts
    Take out the Chinese cabbage heart and cut it into filaments. If one is not enough, take two. Add a small amount of sugar and white vinegar, mix well, marinate for three or five minutes, and eat it. This method can quickly relieve hangover.
    Fourth, take celery juice
    Wash two kilograms of fresh celery at home, chop it up and squeeze the juice, drink it as tea, drink it three times in a row (5 minutes apart).