Who should not eat wolfberry

2022-01-03 By CN Herb 0

Cold and fever patients

Popularization of science

Patients with colds and fevers have weak internal fire, and wolfberry is a hot food medicine. Taking it at this time will aggravate the symptoms of colds and fever.

  1. Patients with inflammation Popularization of science In patients with various inflammations, whether it is taken orally or soaked in water, the inflammation will become more serious and even induce other adverse symptoms.
  2. Patients with diarrhea Popularization of science Patients with physical weakness and diarrhea will accelerate the symptoms of diarrhea after eating wolfberry, which will affect the body’s function, so do not consume wolfberry during diarrhea.
  3. Patients with hypertension and diabetes Popularization of science The consumption of wolfberry in hypertensive patients will make the blood pressure unstable; wolfberry itself contains high sugar content, so it is not suitable for patients with diabetes. Five, gastrointestinal weakness Popularization of science People with gastrointestinal weakness can cause indigestion, loss of appetite, and stomach acid when taking medlar, especially in summer.
  4. Sexual hyperactive persons Popularization of science Lycium barbarum nourishes the liver and kidneys, has beneficial effects on the essence, long-term use of hypersexual people will aggravate the state of excitement, and even bring a series of symptoms of physical discomfort. Although wolfberry is good, it must not be greedy. Adults should not consume more than 20g daily for health care.