Why do humans eat salt

2022-01-10 By cnherb666 0
  1. Why do people eat salt There is a water-salt balance in the human body. This balance, together with other balances, maintains the normal work of various parts of the human body. If the body has more water and less salt, then the person will collapse. For example, after strenuous exercise, the human body sweats a lot, and the salt in the body leaves the human body with the sweat. At this time, the person will become inactive and lethargic, and need to add some salt immediately to maintain the water and salt in the body. balance. If the water in the human body is much less salty, the balance of the same human body will be disrupted, which may have some bad negative effects. Therefore, the balance of water and salt is very important for the human body. Salt must be eaten, but not too much or too little. It should be eaten in moderation. 2. What kind of salt to eat Go to the shelves in the supermarket and have a look, you will definitely find that the types of salt are really varied and strange. So, what kind of salt to eat? In fact, ordinary people can choose ordinary salt, which is sodium chloride, which can meet the body’s demand for salt. If you are missing elements such as iodine or calcium, you can choose to add iodized salt or calcium salt. While supplementing the salt, you can also supplement the missing elements, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. However, if the iodine content itself is sufficient, there is no need to consume iodized salt, because excessive iodine may cause a “big neck”. Why do people eat salt? Because there is a very important water-salt balance in the human body, people must consume a certain amount of salt while drinking a lot of water every day. Otherwise, the water-salt balance will be destroyed, and human body functions may also be adversely affected. What kind of salt to eat? Most people can eat ordinary salt, and those who lack elements such as iodine or calcium can choose to add iodized salt or calcium salt.