Why do I get tumors? There are answers in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”

2021-12-22 By CN Herb CN Health 0

Editor’s Guide In modern society, tumor diseases are becoming more and more common, which are related to people’s daily life, diet, emotions and other factors, but what is the core pathogenesis? Through decades of research and practice on “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, Mr. Xu Shu found clues—— In Zhongjing’s typhoid fever, one is typhoid fever and aversion to cold; the other is that the pathogenic cold is in the middle, without fever and aversion to cold; and the third is that of typhoid fever. (1) Cold toxin picture Cold toxin can be manifested in two extremes, that is, chilling and heating. One is the cold like ice, forming a tangible product, that is, a tumor; the second is heating and burning the body fluid, causing the tumor to spread and lymphatic metastasis. As the “Suwen·Yin-Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun” said: “Yang transforms qi, and yin forms.” Yang moves to transform qi, and yin calms to condense. Yu thinks this is the earliest formulation of cold toxin. The prosperous times are cold and chaotic times are hot. People today don’t suffer from the cold in winter, and the pores are unfolded in summer, air-conditioning is full, and cold pathogens are deep. Therefore, there are many tumor diseases, especially adenocarcinoma. The pathological mechanism is the mixture of cold and sputum. Yu pointed out that cold toxin is the main pathogenesis of adenocarcinoma, which is both the cause and the pathogenesis of adenocarcinoma. There are three causes of cold toxin: ① Kidney Qi is insufficiency; ② Excessive sexual intercourse; ③ Cold diet. Once catching a cold, the cold toxin will lie inward, another example is the summer heat, the pores will open, the air-conditioning air-conditioning will drive straight in, and the cold toxin will further lie inward, layer by layer in the body. After receiving the external cold again, the external cold induces the internal cold, thus forming the cold both inside and outside, the yang is not guarded, and the syndrome of cold toxin develops. Just as “Lingshu·The First Birth of All Diseases” said: “The first birth of accumulation, the birth of coldness is the birth, and the succession is the accumulation of accumulation.” Cold toxin results in stagnation of qi, stagnation of qi leads to coagulation of phlegm. Its clinical manifestations are agglomeration in the body, accompanied by cold limbs, heavy body, eye pain, forehead sweat, cold back, or irritability, thirsty, or fever, trance, if lost, heavy pulse, and pulse. Cold toxins can be accompanied by bruising of hands, feet and nails. For mild cases, Sini Decoction and Angelica Sini Decoction can be used. Cold toxins are often combined with phlegm and drink to form cold tumors, which can be used to warm the sun to resolve phlegm and remove cold toxins. In severe cases, Sansheng drink. If the cold toxin heats up, blocks the pores, or decays into pus, take Longdan Xiegan Pills and Qingdai Pills to drain and cut them.

(3) Wet poison picture Water is also the body’s body fluid, which is transformed by Yang Qi. The water is wet, so there are many water gas diseases in the lower coke. “Suwen·Linglan Secret Code Theory” says: “Triple-burner, the official of judging the duplicity, and the waterway comes out.” The triple-burner leads to the waterway, which turns the yin and out of the yang, and opens and blocks. If the fire fails, the gasification of the bladder is unfavorable, the soil does not make water, and the heart yang is not vigorous, it can lead to the malfunction of the triple burner, the accumulation of water and the disease, which will lead to the occurrence of damp toxins. Water turns into phlegm when exposed to heat, and turns into drinking when exposed to cold. The evil wind is in disorder, and the rise and fall are abnormal. The water does not follow the usual path, which causes diminished thirst, heart palpitations, coughing and wheezing, dizziness, running dolphins, obstructed stool, urinary obstruction, and overflowing water. , Swelling of the body and face, bloating such as bulging, etc. “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” refers to the syndrome of Shizao decoction in the water over the plateau, the syndrome of Lingguishugan decoction in the water in the middle Jiao, and the Wulingsan and Zhuling decoction syndrome in the water storage under the Jiao. picture The formation of tumor is not due to external and internal causes. The above-mentioned wind, cold, and damp toxins are all external causes, and wasting is the internal cause. Zhong Jing put forward in “The Synopsis of the Golden Chamber·Combined Treatment of Blood Bi Deficiency Lagging Pulse Syndrome”: “Big pulse is labor, and pulse extreme deficiency is also labor.” Deficiency has two tendencies of Yin and Yang, yin damages and yang, and yang disease and yin. , Yin deficiency and yang qi floating outside, pulse floating and weak. Insufficient yin and yang qi and blood, yang qi decay, weak pulse and weakness can exist simultaneously and alternately. The decay of Yang Qi serves as warming tonic, and the floating outside of the empty yang serves as warming and diving. Under the intertwining of various causes, phlegm, poison, and blood stasis are intertwined, forming tumors. In the late stage, the body is stagnant and impassable. In the respiratory tract, dyspnea, pleural effusion, coughing, and frequent spitting of white sputum may occur; in the digestive tract, obstruction, ulcers, abdominal distension, and pain may occur; Drums, face and limbs are swollen; in the nervous system, there are disturbances of consciousness, insomnia, headache, dizziness, and cerebral edema.