Women’s health tips

2021-12-26 By cnherb666 0
  1. Take regular walks

  2. Enjoy the morning sun more

  3. Remove makeup before exercise

  4. Exercise is not suitable for decompression when you are extremely tired, rest is more important

  5. Do less outdoor sports in winter

  6. Below the 10th floor, no elevator

  7. Change your fitness menu every three months

  8. Exercise for half an hour a day instead of 3 hours on weekends

  9. Foot soaking in hot water can effectively prevent varicose veins

  10. Do calisthenics while watching TV

  11. Be sure to wear a swimming cap and goggles in the swimming pool

  12. Running, cycling and other sports can maintain beautiful leg lines

  13. Lunch break is also a good time for fitness, not necessarily until the evening

  14. It is comfortable to wear sneakers barefoot, but it is not good for your health

  15. Sleeping on a semi-hard bed is more conducive to cervical spine health

  16. Go to a regular hospital instead of a beauty salon for massage

  17. Do not drink functional beverages when not exercising

  18. Rest for half an hour after exercise before going to the bath

  19. Don’t exercise in a noisy gym

  20. Correct posture is more effective than going to the gym

Beautyful girl with a fase mask