Wrong way of breathing can lead to crooked teeth

2022-01-26 By cnherb888 0

The teeth don’t touch together, it’s a problem with the muscles of the mouth
The reason why the front teeth are so troublesome to bite is from the oral muscles, because it is not the problem of the teeth themselves, but the imbalance of the oral muscles. Because of the uneven muscle strength, the dental arch cannot grow smoothly to both sides and become narrow and narrow, so the upper and lower rows of teeth are squeezed apart, so that the front teeth cannot bite.

Mouth breathing, age-inappropriate sucking, tongue sticking habits, and habits like biting foreign objects may all cause problems with occlusion of the front teeth. For example, people who are accustomed to mouth breathing will involuntarily tilt their head forward, allowing more space for the throat to breathe, which will cause the cheeks on both sides to be pulled forward, some muscle tension will increase, and the tongue will not reach the back of the upper jaw, causing the front teeth to be bucked. , The teeth behind the upper jaw are overgrown, making the lower face elongated, and the front teeth are less likely to bite.